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Why should i buy a muscle stimulator ?

 Global training (available for each big muscle)
 Comfortable, lightweight & portable (use it everywhere)
 Fat loss
 20 minutes per day of use is enough
 Best blood circulation
 Reaffirms skin
 Muscle toning

Performance and results above all.

Their small electrical impulses (EMS technology) will contract your muscles repeatedly. Use it several times a week between 30 minutes and an hour and admire great results on your body after 1 month only ! Use it for your abdominals, legs, arms, hips and buttocks, and enjoy the massage in front of your TV or your computer.  


six pack (3)

Stop wasting your time at the gym, getting tired of unconvincing results.

These muscle stimulators are made for you if you want to lose weight and build your muscles by doing nothing! You simply put them on your muscles and let them work for you. Use them for every muscles you want. The product is available for : abdominals / legs / arms / hips and buttocks. 

Why should i buy this from MaBelle ?

✓ Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
 6 training modes (Easy push-button operation)
 Comfortable, Lightweight & Portable
 Great results after 1 month only
 Clinically proven EMS Technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
 20 minutes per day of use is enough
 Available for every main muscles 


5six pack (2)

The cheapest global EMS equipment on the market.

Choose the pack you need according to the muscles you want to build ! Furthermore there are 6 different training modes and speeds for each product that means that you can use them to burn calories as well or even to enjoy a massage.






You can use them everyday between 30 minutes and one hour per muscle. After 1 month of use, your body will start to change and you will see the difference in the mirror. Obviously you need the have a correct diet at the same time, to observe great results after one month.


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