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Benefit from PERMANENT and PAIN-FREE hair removal!

Clinically proven and recommended

Lifetime of +10 years (300,000+ flashes)

Can be used on all parts of the body - such as the armpits, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders and back.

Safe for the skin - Use the latest clinically proven laser technology for safe and effective use by dermatologists.

100% painless - Soft on the skin and super easy to use.

Save thousands of euros - Save your money and save precious time.

Effective - Hair reduction up to 90%

Fast - Treat your body in just 20 minutes

Professional - 5 levels of light pulse intensity


Epilate any part of the body in minutes

Laser hair removal is the quickest, safest and most painless method to permanently remove hair. Our hair removal device uses pulsed light (IPL) which emits ultra fast light pulses under the skin. This is done to effectively remove hair and prevent it from growing from the roots.


A painless and permanent hair removal

• Long lifespan: +10 years without recharging!

• Visible results from the first sessions

• Hair reduction up to 92%

• Gentle action, safe for the skin


• Make sure your skin is clean and dry (no cream, powder or deodorant, etc.).

• Connect the appliance to an electrical outlet, turn on and flash the area to be treated perpendicularly, avoiding flashing the same area several times.

• We recommend that you use our device once a week for 8-12 weeks to obtain permanent hair removal.

• When the hairs stop growing or grow a little, use it at least once a month for maintenance.

However, to protect the skin, it is not suitable for the following cases

A. You are pregnant

B. You have a skin disease or you have a known skin disorder

C. You have photosensitization or sunburn

D. You have black skin or very tanned skin

E. Scars, tattoos, healed wound or cancer

F. On the eyes and any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area.



No battery or charge required, just plug it in to start treatment. After a few sessions you will start to see satisfactory results. Then, after one, two or three months of use depending on the person, your hair will no longer grow. Save time and money today with our safe and risk-free solution.


Try it without risk it's satisfied or your money back!