Projector Lamp LED Star Night Light Wave Sky Starry Galaxy Blueteeth USB Voice Control Music Player Lighting Lamp Birthday

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01 TYPE:

This product belongs to the combination of four-color water mark lamp and green laser. The water mark has four colors: red, white, blue and green. The laser color is green. The remote control can adjust the water mark color, water mark speed, water mark mode, bluetooth mode, water mark single control, laser single control, brightness, music control, sound control, selection mode, timing function, switch, any mobile phone or other device to turn on bluetooth. All can be connected without checking.
New version of remote control instructions: install 2 AAA batteries for use (keys are more sensitive and easy to use).
The lamp body can be plugged into a U disk or a card reader to play music, can adjust brightness, can adjust music volume, up and down music, pause, Bluetooth off/on, switch, power by USB Android.
Input voltage: 110-220V
Output voltage: 5V/2000mA
Product power: RGBW (6W)
Power supply mode: USB cable
Music mode: U disk, card reader, bluetooth
Bluetooth code: BTK10
Packaging material: color box
Box size: 17*17*12.8cm/6.69*6.69*5.04''
Product size: 16*16*11cm/6.3*4.33''
Single weight: 0.53kg
Packing Material: Color Box Packaging
Box Size: 17 X 17 X 13.5cm/6.69 X 6.69 X 5.31"
Product Size: 16 X 16 X 13cm/6.3 X 6.3 X 5.12"
Single Weight: 600g
Input Voltage: 110-220V
Output Voltage: 5V/2000MA
Product Power: RGBW2*4W (Total 8W)
Laser Light Source: Green Light 50mW
Power Supply: USB Cable Power Supply
Music Mode: U Disk, Card Reader, Bluetooth
Bluetooth Number: BTK10

02 TYPE:

Host Button Function Description:
1. Automatically recognize USB data. Please note that this projector can automatically recognize and play music when inserted into a USB storage. USB should contain some songs
2. Infrared sensor
3. DC input: 5V / 1.5A
Remote Function Description:
Instruction: When the flood light is powered on, the blue LED lights continuously and moves; the laser light enters the gradual change mode, and automatically shuts down by default after 4 hours.
Maximum Power LED: 2 X 3W
Green Laser: <1mW
Power Input: USB DC 5V / 1500mA
Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ - 40 ℃
Projection Area: 5 - 50㎡
Product Size: 14.5 X 14.5 X 11.3cm/5.71 X 5.71 X 4.45"
Remote Control Battery: CR2025 3V Button Battery (NOT Including)


1. Indoor use, project to the sky.
2. How to use the projector is shown below.
3. Connect the Bluetooth CT12 of your smart phone to play music.
4. Use the correct remote control method to ensure that the remote control points to the infrared sensor
Button Control:
1 Control LED sea wave light and laser light on / off
2 Control LED sea wave light and laser light 3 level brightness adjustment
3/6 Control the speed of ocean waves (pause-slow-medium-fast)
4 Control the sea light into red light, green light and blue light
5 Press "G", the blue and green lights are on
7 Control 2 hours timer shutdown
8 Control LED sea wave light on / off
9 Control LED sea wave light and laser light 3 level brightness adjustment
10 and 15 control the movement speed of ocean waves to decrease (fast-medium-slow-pause)
11 Control the ocean light to become red blue, green blue, blue green
12 Press "W", the color of the light will be converted automatically
13 Press "B", the blue light is on;
14 Control laser light on / off
16 Press "R", the blue and red lights are on;
17 Control 6 hours timer shutdown
18 control 4 hours timer shutdown

Warm Tip:

1. Strictly follow the instructions, do not disassemble the host and accessories.
2. This product is suitable for indoor use.
3. The product uses a combination of LED and laser projection, please do not directly irradiate the eyes with laser, away from children.
4. The power requirement of this product is USB DC 5V / 1.5A, once it exceeds this range, please use the adjustment device, otherwise it will affect its service life.
5. This product has an automatic shutdown function for 4 hours, automatic shutdown after 4 hours of operation


1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!


Package included:
1xStarry Sky Ocean Projection Lamp
1XRemote Control
1XUSB Cable
1XUser Manual