Smart Neck Massager

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Enjoy great massages whenever and wherever you want

Specially designed not only to eliminate neck pain, but also for better metabolism by improving blood circulation. You will notice the benefits of this solution from the first use. Experience a great massage to soothe the tired muscles of your neck. 

✔ Relaxes the muscles
 Has many calming and relaxing properties
 Better nights of sleep
 Improve sleep quality 
 Better blood circulation and better oxygenation of the cervical area
✔ Reduce stress
 Calms Neck pain and cervical stiffness


This Smart Massager uses TES low-frequency pulse technology to simulate three different massage techniques. NeckJet is your own personal and portable massage therapist. It instantly relieves neck and back pain, soreness, and tension. This relieves pain in depth and facilitates blood circulation. Receive a relaxing, deep and relaxing massage at home, in the office or while traveling.


Why people love this product :

✔ Feels just like a real massage with two hands

✔ Features a tranquilizing heating function

 Portable and lightweight - use it wherever you are

 It features a fast charge long-lasting battery

 It's a must for anyone suffering from neck and back pain, tension, or soreness.


This smart massager delivers a spectacular tranquil heating system, warming up to 120°F in only 3 seconds. Almost immediately feel warmth on your neck with muscle relief simultaneously – giving you the most authentic massage experience possible.


3 Different Massage Modes And 15 Gear Force Adjustment

 Warm Relief: Combines this technology and constant heat for calming relief.

 Nerve Stimulation: Experience a deeply effective massage through the stimulation of nerves and muscles.

 Real Massage: Soothes tired muscles, reduces stress, and relieves aches and stiffness by imitating the effects of a real massage.

Relieves neck pains, headaches and stress

This cervical massager relieves neck pain with TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), a method of pain relief using the use of a light electrical pulse. Improve your well-being with various health benefits. TENS helps reduce your body aches and improves your health. For example : 


Calms Neck pain and cervical stiffness
Helps relieve discomfort caused by stress
Decrease headaches and body tension
Relieves knotted neck and shoulders
Remove arthritis in shoulders and upper back
Avoid Irritability and fatigue due to sleep disorders (can be caused by cervical spondylitis)

 Decrease pains related to arthritis, osteoporosis and muscle tension


★ ★ ★ ★ 

“It really works and helps my neck relax after 10 mins massage. I also love the design cuz it is convenience to use even you're working or driving!

Jamie R


★ ★ ★ ★ 

I definitely recommend it !! I've been using since a week and it's so good in front of tv. Thank so much..

Anna S


★ ★ ★ ★ 

After using the product, it worked really well and made my neck feel a lot better. Perfect for my neck aches and very portable to carry-on anywhere. Highly recommended!

Deborah K 

Use it even on the road or at work !

With it's lightweight, compact form factor, and stylish design, this smart massager is perfect for use during commutes.Prevent or reduce and care the boring neck and shoulder pain with just 15 minutes a day. You're never far from relief, as Smart Neck can be relied on to take the pressure off.


Compact & Easy To Use

It's easy to find the time to benefit from this massager. Compact form factor allows for easy usage during commutes.


Safe And Convenient

Let your mind wander as you read, work, or relax. Default power off at 15 minutes allows for safe power consumption and peace of mind.


Lasting Relief

The 1600mAh battery allows for one month's use on a single charge.


★ ★ ★ ★ 

Honestly it's a very good one ! After a long day of work, you just use it on your couch and you feel sooo comfortable <3.

Nina S